The Basics of Web Design and Marketing

Let’s start with a top 10 list of what you need to be a successful web designer.

  1. Desire and Motivation
  2. The ability to learn new things all the time
  3. A need for a creative outlet that is never fully satisfied
  4. The knowledge that serving other people is what will serve you the best.
  5. A computer connected to the internet
  6. Software
  7. A web hosting account
  8. Your own website
  9. The willingness to invest your time and money in yourself to develop your knowledge, skills and abilities.
  10. Persistence

I believe if you can cultivate these qualities in yourself and learn to use the tools of the trade, you can be a successful web designer. Why do I believe this? Because this has been my experience and it is working for me. It hasn’t come quickly or necessarily easily. Web design does a lot of things for me that is reflected in some of the items in my top 10 list above. I love the creative process; the experimentation, and the satisfaction of seeing a completed job that helps me and my clients reach our goals. That’s a big part of what defines success for me. I like the definition of success from Earl Nightingale. He said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”. It takes time, money, effort, and action to do this. Anyone can do it if they are determined and persistent.

I started my journey to become a web designer in 1980. “Hey, wait a minute” you say. The web didn’t even exist back then. Yes, but the Atari 400 computer did and that, believe it or not, is where I really started to learn about computers, how they can communicate over phone lines, and graphic design. Little by little I learned more and more as computer, internet, and web technology raced ahead. I have to say, this was not how I earned a living. It was my hobby. I’ve been learning and practicing the graphics and web design business while working at my full time job and career that has supported my family. The point is that everyone moves forward at their own speed based on what’s going on in their life.

Creating pretty images is all well and good. But what good does it do other than satisfy your curiosity about the technology and your creative drive? That’s where using your knowledge, skills, and abilities to help other people come in. Doing so is a great way to enhance our worth and value, to ourselves and to others. And that’s how you develop great relationships with people and earn a living. This is where marketing comes into play; showing people who you are and what you can do to help them achieve their goals. Do that and the money starts rolling in.

As I write and blog more about the details of graphic design, website design, internet and web related technologies and tools, I’ll elaborate on these ten items to provide a deeper understanding for you. I hope this will excite you, motivate you, and help you to achieve the success of realizing your worthy ideal.

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