Why Every Small Business Needs A Website

  1. Visibility – let people searching the web for the products and services you provide find your business. Your website is your sign on the Internet.
  2. Credibility – it tells people about your business and that you care enough to invest in letting them know.
  3. Marketing – websites should be a relatively inexpensive part of your overall marketing and public relations strategy.
  4. Communication with existing clients and, perhaps equally important, potentially new clients.
  5. Education – people need to know more about your products and services so they cane make the informed decision to buy from you. Share your knowledge and add value to your website for your site visitors to encourage visitor loyalty.
  6. Sell online – this one should be self-explanatory. But the old adage that it takes money to make money was never more true. Selling online can be lucrative as long as someone is minding the store, providing customer service, monitoring inventory, and so on. Then there’s the infrastructure: e-commerce software, online merchant account, and a payment gateway. Finally, let’s not forget about getting some traffic to our site.
  7. Competition – I guarantee some of your competitors have a website and if you’re not in the game there’s no way you can win.