About the Cultivated Web and Mitch Cohen

The first website I built was back in the mid-90s when AOL first offered their members free web space. Today, we take for granted the ability to publish on the web. But back in the early days of public access to the web, it was an incredible revelation of the power this technoloy would have. All of a sudden, it seemed, it was now possible to make your ideas available to anyone with an Internet connect computer anywhere in the world. It was mind boggling.

Flash forward to the present. The technology we have available to us know has grown more complex as new features and improvements have been developed. With this 2015 edition of the Cultivated Web, I strive to continue to adhere to the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium so I can provide modern, effective digital design for the web, apps, print, displays, and signs that will help you be successful.

For the most reliable and safe web experience, I recommend you use Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera. The new Microsoft Edge web browser may finally put the now defunct Internet Explorer in its final resting place. We'll see once it's been in use following its release the end of July 2015 with Windows 10.

About Mitch: A man of many interests. Here''s my top 10 list.

10. The Internet
9. The World Wide Web (I bet you thought they were the same thing)
8. Digital imagery
7. Photography (digital and film)
6. Graphic design
5. Natural resource conservation
4. Ecology
3. Friends
2. Family

and the number one priority.....

1. A close, personal relationship with the Creator.